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My name is Ottmar von Holtz and I am member of the Bundestag, the German Parliament, for the Green Party. I am the spokesperson for Civil Conflict Prevention for the Greens’ parliamentary group. I sit on the Committee on Economic Cooperation and Development and I am Chair of the Sub-Committee on Civil Conflict Prevention of the Bundestag as well as substitute member on the Committee on Defence.

In my work as a deputy, I focus on three main topics: global health policy, global education policy, and civil conflict prevention. However, since I am a citizen both of Namibia and Germany, improving the relationships between these two countries, is one of my personal core interests.

On September 27th 1961, I was born in Namibia in a small town called Gobabis, on the edge of the Kalahari Desert. Later, I moved to Windhoek, where I went to school. In the early Eighties, I started to study at Stellenbosch University in South Africa. When I was drafted to join the South African Army for military service, I moved to Germany, because I did not want to serve in an army of an Apartheid country. In Hannover, I finished my studies with a diploma in Economics in 1988. Then, I moved back to Namibia and started to work at the University of Namibia. However, only one year later, the army called me up again. So, I migrated to Germany. In the German state of Lower Saxony, I worked at the Department of Statistics and the Ministry of Economy.

I joined the German Green Party in 2004 and got elected as Member of the Parliament of Lower Saxony in 2013. As a Member of the Landtag, I served as Vice President of the green parliamentary group and as its spokesperson for Science and Adult Education. On September 24th 2017, I got elected Member of the Bundestag, where I represent the city of Hildesheim and its surrounding area. Since the Green Party is relatively small, I am also responsible for the cities and administration districts of Peine, Gifhorn, Brunswick, Wolfsburg, Helmstedt, Wolfenbüttel and Salzgitter – an area with significantly more than one million citizens.

My team and I are looking forward to hearing from you!

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